About My Table Magazine

My Table, Houston’s dining magazine, is published by Lazywood Press and was founded in 1994. It’s a different kind of publication: personal, quirky and specialized. Each issue offers readers the most complete information on the restaurants, chefs, shops, foods, trends, caterers, festivals and personalities that make up the city’s lively culinary scene. John Mariani, restaurant critic for Esquire magazine, calls My Table “both indispensable and a joy to read.”

Lazywood Press

Lazywood Press was founded by Teresa Byrne-Dodge in 1994 in Houston, Texas. We are a small regional publisher dedicated to producing books and periodicals mostly—but not exclusively—about food and dining out. To date, we are best-known for publishing the award-winning My Table: Houston’s Dining Magazine and the 300-page The Ultimate Food Lover’s Guide to Houston. The third edition of the guidebook, released November 2013, is now available in Houston-area stores and online.

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