What is My Table magazine?
We are an award-winning and independently owned magazine dedicated to covering the food, drink, restaurant and farmers’ market scene in greater Houston. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1994. See our About page here.

How should I send you news about my restaurant or business?
Email us a press release at info@my-table.com. Don’t know how to write a press release? Send us an email with the who-what-when-where-how-why details. Include your contact info and a phone number. Photos grab attention, so if you have a good one (or several), send along or email us the link.

If I buy an ad, will you write an article about me and/or my business?
People count on My Table magazine to give unbiased information – it’s what has made us a credible resource to our readers for well over two decades. We believe in the traditional “separation of church and state” that this country’s best publications follow. We do support our advertisers by including them in an article when doing so makes sense. And few things give us as much pleasure as telling our readers about a worthy and, perhaps, lesser-known business. But does buying an ad guarantee an article about you or your business? No.

I have an idea for an article or photo-story. Can I write for My Table?
It’s definitely possible. See our freelancing guide here.

What is My Table magazine’s mailing address?
We are located at 1733 Harold Street, Houston, TX 77098.

How do I know if the restaurants you are writing about gave you free food?
Restaurants often host a tasting for the local food media soon after (or before) they open their doors to the public. They also sometimes have a “friends and family dinner” or “practice service” to try to work out kinks before their official opening. If that’s the case when we visit, then our “Snapshot” feature on notable new restaurants will say so in the text — e.g. “We were recently guests of such-and-such restaurant …” If we don’t say so, you can assume we are spending our own money on the meal.

Is My Table free?
No. A one-year print subscription – that includes two editions of My Table magazine and two editions of The Ultimate Food Lover’s Guide to Houston – is $30. Access to the website and our SideDish newsletter is free.

My copy of My Table was damaged in the mail. Can I get a replacement copy?
Yes. Email us at info@my-table.com to let us know what happened. We’ll pop a replacement in the mail to you or add an extra issue onto the back end of your subscription, whichever you prefer.

Can I purchase past issues of My Table magazine?
Yes. Some recent past issues (but not all) are available. Click here.

Where are your publications sold?
Click here for a list of Houston-area retailers that sell My Table and The Ultimate Food Lover’s Guide to Houston.

Our company wants to be a sponsor of this year’s Houston Culinary Awards. What do we need to do?
We welcome new sponsorships! And, if you wish, you can bundle your sponsorship with advertising in our publications and online. See houstonculinaryawards.com for more background about the Houston Culinary Awards. Email info@my-table.com for a media kit.