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George Alexander
This article (below) originally appeared in the December 2013 – January 2014 print issue (#118) of My Table magazine. In …

A Study in Recovery

Taylor Byrne Dodge
A hangover is most accurately described as “a feeling of moderate to extreme crappiness after consuming alcohol.” Over the last …

Tiki Toss Backs

My Table Staff
My Table magazine, Stone’s Throw and Camp For All Young Professionals have partnered for an evening of Tiki Toss Backs. Join us for a tiki-themed happy …

Gin Spin

Rebecca Wright
Have you made your way through the June-July edition of My Table magazine yet? Our article Jumpin’ Juniper (pages 45 to 48) is all …

Welcome To Europe

My Table Staff
Congratulations to our SideDish and My Table contributor Phaedra Cook, who won the 2013 Anvil Regulars Cocktail Competition at Anvil …