Updated April 13, 2016
From a La Vista representative:

“Greg Gordon, chef and owner of La Vista and Fat Butter Concepts, today announces his plans for his next venture located between 610 and TC Jester. The restaurant will open in the Lazybrook/Timbergrove area at 1805 W 18th Street later this year.”

One of our favorite Montrose neighborhood restaurants, Mockingbird Bistro, will close for good after Christmas of this year. We will miss you, Mockingbird! A neighborhood favorite to Briargrove residents, La Vista, will also close after 19 years of pizza and BYOB in the spring of 2017. Not to worry, the Italian-American and Southwestern restaurant at 1936 Fountainview (next to Rice Epicurean) will re-open elsewhere.

It isn’t clear when exactly La Vista will close nor where the new location is going to be. Below is a quote from a representative of the restaurant:

“Each month leading up to the closing, (chef and owner) Greg Gordon will embrace La Vista’s history and offer a favorite menu item or special from the past and plans to leave clues about his new concept and location on the infamous and often outspoken marquis sign hanging above the restaurant.

‘We want to showcase some of the classics along with throwback prices, dishes that people remember enjoying here back in the nineties,’ said Gordon.”

We’ll update readers with additional information about the future location of La Vista at a later date.