Don’t be one of the disappointed people who miss out on holiday traditions: There’s no crying in tamales!

Arnaldo Richards’ Picos will open up pre-ordering of tamales and mole sauce tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1. The little tamale stand returns the parking lot on Thursday, November 10, at 3601 Kirby and will be open every day 11 am to 7 pm through January 6. Please note that tamales will not be available on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day – so be sure to order them in advance and stash them in the freezer. During the 2015 holiday season, Picos sold more than 7,200 dozen tamales. To pre-order, call 281-687-0410.

Types of tamales offered: Oaxaca-style (wrapped in banana leaves) filled with pork in red chili, chicken in green chili, portobello mushroom and cuitlacoche or chicken in black mole, will be available for $36 a dozen, $18 a half dozen.

Norteños–style (wrapped in cornhusks) will be available in varieties such as pork or beef in red chili, chicken in green chili, vegetarian (peppers and cheese), black bean and cheese, or chicken in black mole. $18 a dozen, $9 a half dozen. For orders of five dozen or more, customers will also get an additional dozen at no charge with their order.

Additionally, chef Arnaldo Richards will announce off-the-menu, specialty tamale creations each week on Picos Restaurant’s social media platforms. These exclusive tamales will be first-come, first-serve.

Arnaldo Richards’ Picos, 3601 Kirby at Richmond, 832-831-9940,