When Karen Man offers to donate her time and technique and baking secrets to a charity auction, you don’t say no. The pastry maven and co-founder of Public Services Wine and Whiskey will come to your house, teach you and five friends the ways of baking magic, and even give you a personal library copy of her self-published (and sold out) cook book,ย โ€œThe Art of Baking: Oxheart.โ€

Having Karen Man come to your house to teach you and five others how to bake, one-on-one, is sort of like petting a unicorn; however, please do not pet Karen should you be the top bidder and have her to your home for a private baking class.

While we’ve determined the value of this amazing experience to be priceless, we’ve listed it as an $800 value, although in hindsight that seems far too low. The current bid at the time of publishing this post is $350, with a buy-it-now price of $1000.

This auction item is part of block 2 of our online auction benefitting the Houston Food Bank, which is assisting Harvey-affected communities all over southeast Texas through over 600 agencies. Bidding on block 2 ends Friday, September 15 at 4 pm. To bid and see other auction items, click here.