8 Nosy Questions: The Guys of Edible Earth Resources

You might say they like to get their hands dirty: Scott Snodgrass (below left) and Daniel Millikin (below right) co-founded Edible Earth Resources back in 2008 when they began to notice a need for edible gardening education and installation in Houston.

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The full-service edible-landscaping firm — that means they can help you with anything from planting your first fruit tree next to the patio to designing and building your dream garden full of fruits, herbs and vegetables — has headed up a few gardens that you might be familiar with.

safe_image-300x156The most public display of their work currently is the garden at Coltivare, and they also maintain gardens at Haven and Beaver’s. Their soon-to-launch project, Planted:Houston (details about the July 27 fundraiser at Haven are here) will establish urban farms on tax-repossessed land around Houston, often in under-served areas or food deserts.

We first heard about the duo in early June, and as we’re avid at-home farmers ourselves, we were eager to get nosy about what is cropping up with Scott and Daniel.

How did you get started gardening?  

Scott: I had never been bitten by the gardening bug until I met Dany. We used to live together, and he had a garden in the backyard. I got into gardening through him.

Daniel: My grandparents had a farm in Poth, south of San Antonio. Every summer growing up I always ended up helping my grandmother with the vegetable garden, and I got very comfortable through that.

What is an average day at work like for you? 

Scott: It’s not as glorious as people think. The majority of work is not tending to people’s gardens; it’s building them. Also, Edible Earth Resources does a lot with education. Some customers do not need much help but others need continual help so we visit them often.

What makes Houston unique in terms of maintaining a garden?

Daniel: There’s constant growing all year round. Also, there are places like Urban Harvest that are always willing to help you and our Facebook page where you can ask questions.

Who is your gardening mentor?

Daniel: Scott. He’s an expert on Houston-based gardening.

What plants are in your home garden?

Scott: We have 16 fruit trees, including orange, lemon, peach, jujube and pomegranate trees. We also have rice, eggplant, corn and lots of basil.

Where can we find you dining in Houston? What are your favorite restaurants? 

Scott: Oxheart is my favorite restaurant. After seeing the menu, I think Pax Americana, opening soon, is going to be one of my favorites as well. I love Beaver’s because it’s accessible and the food is high quality. Also, you can yell curse words if you want in the middle of the restaurant and it’s no big deal. It’s just that kind of place.

Daniel: Doshi House, Coltivare, Beaver’s, Haven, Moon Tower Inn and Cedar Creek are a few favorites. If you have carefully crafted, relaxed food and a good beer selection then I’m going to be a fan.

10338322_10152403100209729_6207445952008190649_nWhat are the most important tips for a beginning gardener? 

Scott: Local mom and pop garden centers like Buchanan’s Native Plants have great information for beginners. We teach classes, and there are classes offered by Urban Harvest as well. If you’re looking for an inclusive manual on everything you can grow in Houston, buy Dr. Bob Randall’s book, Year Round Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers for Metro-Houston: A Natural Organic Approach Using Ecology.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Daniel: I like seeing people have garden success for the first time, and I also love spending time with my employees. They’re a bunch of great guys.

Edible Earth Resources 713-496-2328, info@EdibleEarthResources.com

by Sara Boyle, photos by Nick Panzarella and Edible Earth | SideDish | Date July 22, 2014

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